When upgrading from standard laminate countertops, natural slab granite  continues to be the choice of more home owners than any other product. With it's natural beauty and durability, granite countertops make a wise investment for any room in the home. We have extensive experience in guiding you through the selection process and ensuring a smooth installation.


Our price quote to you will always include the following; standard 4" backsplash, undermounting of your supplied sink (unless we quote you a sink), choice of six edge details, sealing, under-layment material, and of course installation. There are no hidden fees! (we hate that) Also, we know the trade secrets such as finding you the best price on slabs to help you stay within your budget.

Engineered Stone

Engineered quartz is a mixture of quartz and resin that form a slab product that has almost identical qualities to natural slab granite. The slabs are more uniform in color and texture as they are man made. These colors and textures continue to improve over time as manufacturers improve their techniques. One of the pioneers in this industry and best known name brands is "Silestone" - by Cosentino, however there are now many others in the marketplace and pricing has become more competitive. We offer all the following name brands of engineered quartz: Silestone, LG Viatera, DuPont Zodiaq, and Cambria. Like natural slab granite, our price quotes are all inclusive.

Solid Surface

Solid surface products are fully syntheic materials that are formed into large sheets - similar to slabs. Colors and textures continue to advance and look more like natural stone than in previous years. If you have not seen recent samples you may want to give this catagory a look. Sinks can be under mounted as they can with granite and engineered stone - or a solid surface sink can be integrated seamlessly into the top. We offer the two largest and best know name brands; DuPont Corian and LG HiMacs.


Laminate countertops (often referred to by the name brand of Formica) are the most economical and long standing product offering for countertops within the home. Laminate is also highly durable and comes in the widest variety of colors and textures. After years of steady erosion in market share laminate manufacturers have produced new colors and textures, some at a slight premium in cost, that have increased interest in laminate as a choice for the home. We offer both Formica and WilsonArt brand laminates.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is popular for bath vanity tops, tubs, and shower surrounds. It is a locally manufactured product that is readily available and very economical. Sinks are molded-in for a seamless top.  In past years it came in many different colors - with a mixture of color swirls within a white base color. These colors have fallen out of favor and 95% of today's cultured marble is the classic solid white color. Solid colors are also available.

Engineered Marble

Engineered marble is a relatively new product and is available for vanity tops and shower surrounds only. Like engineered quartz it is a mixture of natural stone and resin and comes in slab form. It is priced lower than engineered quartz and higher than cultured marble. We have four colors of engineered marble to choose from and four complementing solid color cultured marble finishes to use for tubs and sinks for a very custom look.