When it comes to cabinets there are three primary classifications used to catogorize them; Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom. Within these three classifications there are many degrees of varation, but here is a general view of each.


Stock. Stock cabinets are those that you can pickup off the shelf. They are pre-manufactured in mass quanities with very limited sizes, wood species, and finishes. It is a take it or leave it deal. Great for the small project that has to be done today.


Semi-Custom. Years ago semi-custom cabinetry bridged the gap between stock and custom cabinetry. Today however, semi-custom cabinetry has made significant in-roads into the custom classification while still providing all the benefits of semi-custom. Those benefits traditionally included faster delivery and competitive pricing. Now the semi-custom cabinetry makers are offering a much wider variety of wood species, door styles, finishes, construction options, and ornamentation while maintaining the faster delivery and lower pricing.


Custom. Custom cabinetry is cabinetry made to order without limitation. That means any size, any finish, any style etc. Many shops today call themselves custom, but many stop well short of offering this unlimited buffet of options. In fact, most custom shops have limitations very close to the better semi-custom manufacturers.


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